Share the traditional flavors of the Neapolitan cuisine, prepared by the inspiration of our chefs, in a historical location of extraordinary beauty in the harbour of Santa Lucia bay.

For a family lunch or in company of your work colleagues, or either for a romantic dinner just a few steps by the sea in which all the lights of the old Borgo Marinari are reflected, you have the chance to live in a charmful vintage scene, unforgettable moments tasting the most appreciated dishes of our tradition.

The menu a la carte of Zi Teresa proposes a selection of inviting appetizers, delicious main courses, tasteful second dishes, both meats or fishes, and a pleasant buffet of delightful side dishes and outstanding dessert, together with the choice of excellent pizzas from the classical one to the gourmet, where all the matchings create unforgettable flavors for a unique experience. All our dishes are realized selecting only best quality ingredients and respecting the seasonality of the materials.

Via Borgo Marinari, 1 - Napoli (Italy)
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