A great party has been organized at the Restaurant Zi Teresa of Naples for the Carnaval. The sea and the stunning Castel Dell’Ovo acted as frame to the entertaining event that mixed the Neapolitan and Latium traditions symbolized by the most representative masks: Rugantino and Pulcinella. The purpose of the event, besides the unification of the culinary traditions of Latium and Campania (creating in this way a mix of amenity and entertaining) was the one to reach a good earning that has been later fully devolved at the Pediatric Hospital Santo Bono in Naples in order to buy objects and internal furnishings.

Thanks to this event was permitted a least sad stay in the hospital for the children and the interior departments were made more comfortable, also for the parents.
Indeed chef, pizza cooker and pastry bakers arranged a meeting at our restaurant to celebrate the Carnival accompanied by good food, great wine and a lot of solidarity.
The Carnival celebration in Naples is considered one of the most appreciated: people go out in the streets, party all together even if they don’t know each other, dancing and joking. Naples is the city of the smile and the good food and music only enrich this town.

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